Product : Animal Magic: The Extraordinary Proof of Our Pets’ Intuition and Unconditional Love for Us

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As a medium, Gordon Smith always gets asked questions about the nature of life and death - is there really an afterlife? Can we commune with our deceased loved ones? Yet some of the most interesting questions he receives are not about human loved ones - many people ask about their pets, too. 

In this book, Gordon shares the incredible experiences he has had with animals in his many years as a medium. Through fascinating stories, Gordon will show that animals do indeed have a soul and a deep understanding of the events around them.

This book reveals the unconditional love that animals give to their owners - both in life and after. Gordon shows that animals do live on in spirit, how healing your animal can heal your own life, how your animals psychic powers can help you make the right life decisions, how your animal can act as your guardian angel, and much more.

This is a repackage of The Amazing Power of Animals (9781848500082).


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