Product : 6.5 Inch Fish Fillet Knife with Sharpener Set. Flexible, stainless steel blade.

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The Rhinoreto team launched the 6.5 Inch Fish Fillet Knife after extended research, so you can get the most out of your every filleting and fish cooking experience.

The stainless steel blade has the perfect curved shape and length of 6.5 Inch and can be used for filleting all freshwater and saltwater fish species from pan-fish, walleye to salmon and many more. We have selected a balanced stainless steel for the blade, so that it will resist corrosion and offer the right amount of flexibility at the same time. 

Best fish fillet knife:
- flexible, curved blade with special coating
- non-slip, ergonomic rubber handle
- sharp edge & effective blade sharpener

The Rhinoreto Fish Fillet Knife packs these in one sharp offering. We hope you will enjoy using it.

Important notice:
1. Keep in mind that due to the softer nature of stainless steel alloys, these blades offer higher corrosion resistance but they tend to lose their edge faster, depending on the frequency of use. Its important to use the included sharpener to restore the sharpness of the blade when needed. Its extremely easy to use - just pass the blade between the plates while pressing it down gently and repeat the movement until you feel the edge is sharp again.
2. We recommend you wash the knife by hand.
3. Always wipe the knifes blade with a towel after rinsing it and make sure its completely dry before storing it in its sheath.
4. Rhinoreto Fillet Knife is a precision instrument meant for fish filleting only, so please avoid using it to cut heavier or thicker bones.

This is a sharp product, handle with care.

Not suitable for children.


FLEXIBLE, CURVED BLADE made of Stainless steel. The non-stick coating helps the meat slide off easily. This superflex fillet knife can be used for filleting freshwater and saltwater fish species.
- NON-SLIP, RUBBER HANDLE Safe and firm grip, even with the hands wet.The handle is large enough to fit all hand sizes and can be used by both left and right-handed persons.
- VENTED, LIGHTWEIGHT SHEATH allows good airflow in order to prevent bad odors. The ported design helps reducing weight and offers the perfect blade protection when storing the fillet knife or traveling with it.
- EASY TO USE SHARPENER for the best fish filleting. The double-sided, safe sharpener uses angled ceramic plates to help you keep a sharp blade every time you use the fillet knife.
- E-BOOK with fish filleting tips&tricks and a few, easy-to-cook, delicious fish recipes.

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