Product : 54 Classic Country Music Star Tex Morton Old Time Radio Broadcasts on DVD (over 4 Hours 37 Minutes running time)

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This unique old time radio DVD collectible features 54 digitized reels of classic Country Music Star Tex Morton radio broadcasts and over 4 Hours 37 Minutes of total running time on 1 DVD. Take a journey back through radio broadcasting history with this large audio library of OTR memorabilia. The golden age of old time radio has been rescued, digitized, and packaged into a gift set that any classic radio lover can appreciate. The DVD opens and plays in a computer DVD drive and the collector can listen to the audio on a MP3 player, DVD/MP3-compatible car stereo, computer, MP3-compatible DVD player, or just compile favorites onto CD for greater user flexibility.
54 Classic Old Time Radio Broadcasts
- Over 4 Hours 37 Minutes running time

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