Product : 51604(55) Stainless Steel Fur Saver Dog Collar 1/6 Inch (4.0 mm) (Made in Germany) - Size 23 Inch (59 cm) for Dogs with Neck Size of 20-21 Inch (50-53 cm) by Herm Sprenger

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Herm Sprenger | One of the leading manufacturers of metal products for equestrian, dog sport, and boat fittings for over 140 years. Known for high quality innovation, Herm Sprenger is a family-run company in Iserlohn, Germany.

COLLAR STYLES | Slip/Choke, Fur Saver, Prong Training, and NeckTech. Collars are offered in many sizes, lengths, short and long links, prong sizes, and metal compositions. Compositions include steel, chrome-plated steel, stainless steel, anodized black stainless steel, and Curogan (an alloy created for dogs with nickel sensitivity).

SIZE NOTE | These collars are made in metric measurements, then converted to rounded-up inches for the U.S. market.

CLEANING | Before use, wash metal collars in warm, mild soapy water to minimize fur discoloration.

SIZING, FIT, TIPS | For Slip/Choke Collars: Measure BOTH dogs neck and widest part of dogs head. Add 2 inches to the largest number for initial length that will slip over dogs head. Prong Collars and Neck Tech Collars: Measure dogs neck and add 2 inches. This will be "initial" collar size. You can adjust the collar by removing or adding links/elements to achieve a comfortable, snug training fit.

TRAINING COLLARS | Training collars are intended for dogs that are at least 6 months of age or older in supervised training sessions when the handler is communicating a desired behavior. All users of training collars/devices should be informed and understand how to use training collars/devices. Do not leave a dog unsupervised in a training collar/device or on a dog full-time. Do not use retractable leash devices or elastic/tension leads with training collar/device.

Prong Links and Neck Tech Elements can be purchased separately in multi-packs. When ordering, ensure you are ordering the correct millimeter sized prong link.
Herm Sprenger | The Fur Saver | Choke-Slip Collar | Stainless Steel | 4 mm Long Link
- Fur Saver links slide easily through slip ring | Ideal for minimizing tangled hair
- Available in odd number increments | Measure dog's neck and widest part of head | Add 2 inches to largest number for ideal collar length
- HS 6434S-23 (51608/55) | Read Product Description for more information

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