Product : 50 Eggs of Triops Longicaudatus (TADPOLE SHRIMP) Triassic Dinosaur Living Fossil

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How to Care the Triops.1. Fill your tank with about 1 litre (1/4 of gallon) distilled or bottled spring water. Make sure the water is 22 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Farenheit) and there is a light before adding the eggs. 2. Stir in your packet of triop eggs and wait for at least 18 hours. After this time, look closely at the tank..3. Wait another 3 days AFTER the majority of triops have hatched. After that waiting period, you can raise the water temperature to 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Farenheit)and have them on a day/night schedule. Feed them the food the kit gave you or use tropical fish pellets, not goldfish pellets. Crush them between two spoons, then add half of this to the tank.4. Continue to feed once a day till they are 5 days old,then they eat 2-3 times a day. At 7 days and over, feed them a full pellet to each triops 2-3 times a day. Keep feeding till they dont eat anymore, then take out the excess food they dont eat.
Please Read Carefully Before Buy the items!!!Do not guarantee hatching rate and do not accept for returning item. It is live fish and cannot be alive in the package over 30 day (if the transit time of send/return is more than 30 days).
- In the nature, hatching rate is approx 10-60 %,Triops naturally live in puddles, so they don't need clean water like aquarium fish. Cleaning the tank weekly or when the water get too dirty or smelly.
- Use distilled or spring water(avoid using tap water). Put in some sand or small gravel after 11 days. It use for lay eggs in the substrate. If you can't see triops after 18 hours, be patience and not to overfeed triops because it will make the water dirty and reduce oxygen
- Qty 50 eggs. Packing in Aluminum cover protect x-ray and temperature change.
- Always wash your hands after handling the tank. They swim in their own crap, and are covered in bacteria and fungi!

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