Product : 3 Functions Gardening tools Equipment Easy Operate Plant Survey Technique Instrument Sunlight Moisture Light Acidimeter Analyzer SL-R1SS2

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Product Features:
- Soil Level: Measure soil moisture, pH and light by just plugging in the probe.
- Scientifically Accurate: Easy to read moisture, ph and light levels, promotes healthy plants.
- NO Battery Required: No batteries or electricity needed, plug and read.
- Let you know your soil: when to water, control PH level, determine if plant getting adequate light.

Detection Range.
- Moisture range: 1-10 (1-3 dry, 4-7 neutral, 8-10 wet)
- Light intensity range: 0-2000lux (0-200 Lower, 200-500 low, 500-1000 neutral, 1000-2000 high)
- pH range: 3.5-8( 3.5-6.5 acidic, 7 neutral, 7-8 alkaline)
***Warm tips: many plants like slightly acidic soil, so you can use this meter for getting soil amendment.

Package Includes:
1 x 3-Functions Plant Meter

How to use:
- Slide the switch to a correct position before use.
- Slide it to right position, insert the gauge needle 4 to 6 inches into soil to test soil pH.
- Slide it to left position, insert the gauge needle 4 to 6 inches into soil to test soil moisture.
- Slide it to middle position to test light intensity near plant.
- Clean the probe with a piece of clean and dry cloth after each use.

- Please find soft soil to test and do not insert the probe into rigid soil or do not use the probe to touch hard stone. Recommend for new plants.
- To get more accurate result, please insert the probe deep into soil reaching the bottom of plant root, recommend 4-6 inches into soil.
- To extend the probe life, please remove the probe from soil and wipe it with clean and dry cloth after each use.
- It can not be used for testing water.
3 functions using, this soil meter can test moisture level in the soil, pH of soil, and the light intensity at the site of your plants with one switch for different modes.
- If you do not have green thumbs, this gadget is perfect for you and you can get a quick and accurate measurement without any troubles.
- Moisture levels can tell you if your plant is getting enough water. pH meter lets you know the soil acidity. Light meter tells you how much light the plants are getting in shaded areas.
- Do not need any battery, simply push the probe deep into soil reaching the bottom of plant roots and wait several seconds, then the result will display clearly.
- Compact and portable design, Great ideal tool for garden plants care indoor/outdoor use, etc.

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