Product : 3 Betta Filter Replacement Sponge - Provides biological, mechanical filtration - Improves water quality - Colonization of bacteria facilitates nitrogen cycle - Ensure filter runs efficiently

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Whats in the pack of sponges?

The contents of the package include 3 cylindrical sponge filters. They are made from high quality cotton and measure 1.5 inches high. They can be used in a 10-gallon tank, and the large surface area of the sponge filters pores promote the propagation and colonization of nitrifying bacteria.These sponges provide both biological and mechanical filtration for your tank.

Tips for using a betta sponge filtration system:

1. When replacing the sponge filters, we recommended to "seed" the sponge first. To seed the sponge at an accelerated rate, take the sponge media and move it around the gravel or substrate. This is where nitrifying bacteria is found in high numbers and will colonize on the pores, creating optimal health for your fish and plant life.
2. When rinsing and cleaning the sponge of debris from your tank, always use aquarium water. Using tap water will kill the good bacteria that has colonized on the sponge. Do not use hot water.
3.It is recommended to replace the biochemical sponge every 6 months to ensure proper and maximum filtration, and colonization of nitrifying bacteria.
✔ WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A REPLACEMENT SPONGE IN STOCK --- Your betta will never have to look up to you if you have the SunGrow Replacement Sponge at hand. Since you are already aware of the benefits of SunGrow Betta Filter, you can provide filtration and aeration to your betta and other smaller fishes at all times.
- ✔ 3-PACK SPONGE ENSURES AIR FILTER WORKS AT MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY --- Great value pack includes 3 new sponges for your sponge filter system. It is good to change the sponges every now and then to keep the filtration system working to its maximum ability.
- ✔ SPONGE FACILITATES BIOLOGICAL & MECHANICAL FILTRATION LEAVING THE WATER CRYSTAL CLEAR--- These sponges are very efficient at breaking down the toxic waste from your tank. The pores on the sponge trap debris and keep your water crystal clean and clear without coming in the way of your baby fish. It also helps in initiating nitrogen cycle as the aerobic bacteria colonizes the sponge.
- ✔ EASY TO WASH & REUSE--- You can use the sponges for a good few months before you need to use the next replacement sponge. You may add the betta filter in nano tanks, breeding environments, quarantine applications, and fry holding tanks. Before adding, use water from the aquarium to rinse off the sponge. This will ensure you don't kill the good bacteria that has colonized the sponge.
- ✔ IMPROVE WATER QUALITY WITH NITRIFYING BACTERIA --- These sponge filters have superior biological and mechanical filtration capabilities than most power filters. The nitrifying bacteria will colonize on the pores of the sponge, creating an optimal habitat for your fish and plant life.

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