Product : [2018 Upgraded] No Shock Dog Bark Collar Safe & Humane Training Device Anti-Bark Control Deterrent Small Medium Dogs 6lbs & up Automatic Sound Vibration Any Weather Condition No Remote Bonus Strap

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Are you looking for a solution to stop your dogs uncontrollable barking behavior? Or you have used other bark control collar but failed to solve your problem? We proudly present a solution for you!


• Uses High Frequency Sound and Vibration. (Safe & Humane option compared to harsh option that uses electrical shock)
• Adjustable 7 sensitivity levels.
• Automatic progressive stimulus helps train your dog intuitively.
• Upgraded microprocessor and advanced sensor prevents false triggering from extraneous noises.
• Durable & Sleek design.
• Easy set-up. (No remote control or programming required)
• Interchangeable Extra Strap Included.

1. Remove front plastic cover and battery cap.
2. Place a battery into battery slot, located underneath the strap. Once a battery is placed, you will hear a beeping sound.
3. Connect contact probes. It is recommended to use long contact probes for long haired dogs and short contact probes for short haired dogs.
4. Adjust strap length if necessary.
5. Place it around your dogs neck and be sure to position main device centered. It is not supposed to be worn on your dog too tightly. Be sure it is loose enough for one finger to fit between the strap and your dogs neck.
6. Adjust sensitivity using + - buttons depending on your dogs response to the device. It has 7 levels of sensitivity and is set to level 4 as factory setting.

• Main Control Unit
• Nylon Web Strap (Black, Blue)
• 6V Alkaline Battery (QTY:2)
• Plastic Probe (2 sets)
• Wrench
• User Guide
INSTANT RESULT / COMPLETELY SAFE & HUMANE WAY TO TRAIN YOUR LOVING COMPANION: Our "Upgraded" No Shock Bark Control collar is designed to stop your dog's unwanted and excessive barking, without causing any pain or harm to your dog using sound and vibration only. As soon as you put our collar on your dog, you will enjoy an instant result! If you are looking for a safe yet highly effective option, you are looking at the right product. We know you do not want to shock your dog.
- FITS ALL BREEDS: Our anti-bark collar works great for all breeds for Small & Medium dogs from 6 to 100 LBS, whether your furry friend is Chihuahua, Poodle, Beagle, Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier or Dachshund. You can adjust sensitivity depending on your dog's response to the device. It has 7 sensitivity levels.
- USED IN ANY WEATHER CONDITION / HIGHLY DURABLE / LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT: Our collar is made with highly durable materials that it can be used in any weather condition, all year round. Whether you use it at home, at office, or taking your furry friend on a camping trip, our collar will be a great solution that gives you a peace of mind!
- BONUS EXTRA STRAP & EXTRA BATTERY INCLUDED: We all know nothing lasts forever. At least, barking control collar. Because we care about our customers' needs, we included 2 straps, and 2 alkaline batteries in the package. In addition to our "NO HASSLE" money back guarantee, these extra accessories will make your purchase completely risk free!
- 100% HASSLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not happy with our product for any reason at all, please simply return it within 90days of purchase. Our goal is to keep our customers happy!

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